Mercedes-Benz reached an agreement on worldwide standard with other vehicle manufacturers in the Consumer Electronics for Automotive association and from 2014 will be introducing the Qi standard for the wireless charging of smartphones and tablets in its cars.

The “Qi” term stands for the worldwide standard defined by the Wireless Power Consortium for the wireless charging of smartphones and tablets, based on the physical principle of electromagnetic induction.

For the purposes of wireless charging, the Qi-compatible smartphone/tablet merely requires to be placed in the vicinity of the Qi charging station, e.g. in the centre armrest or the glove compartment – charging then begins automatically. When the battery is full or the device is removed, the charging process is discontinued automatically.

Following a comprehensive analysis of various charging options, “Consumer Electronics for Automotive” (CE4A) has endorsed Qi as the worldwide charging standard in passenger cars. CE4A is an association of automobile manufacturers, which aims to promote a standard for the integration of smartphones and tablets in vehicles. Daimler is a founder member of CE4A and directs one of the eight expert groups.


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