Mercedes-Benz to launch online sales stores in Germany and Poland image

In a highly cost effective and new-age like move, the German premium manufacturer will try its hands at 21st century sales technology, with online sales stores for the cities of Hamburg and Warsaw.

The online sales shops will provide the company with important findings on how customers respond to such digital sales channels, Mercedes said in a statement. Still, after ordering their car online and picking a finance package, buyers will need to pay a visit to a Mercedes dealer for a “final sales administration phase,” Mercedes said.

“The inner-city formats will above all channel new customers to the classic dealerships,” Mercedes said.

This means Mercedes is set on keeping its company-owned and franchised dealers as the most important customer contact points for all activities and dealers will remain available to customers as a point of contact even after the online purchase. Also, the company said it will expand to further cities in the future this system, but said nothing about when or which new cities will be added to the new network.

A spokesperson for the automaker said the company would offer its most popular models and high-end cars through its Mercedes-Benz Connection Online store and the models available online will be pre-configured but will be available with the types of features that customers usually order. This move could potentially bring younger, more tech-savvy customers to the premium brand, but is also designed to help urban customers – as highly populated city areas lack the necessary space for a full dealership.