Mercedes-Benz to produce M-Class and GL-Class in India image

Mercedes-Benz will assemble the M-Class and the GL-Class in India and the necessary preparations are being made as we speak.

According to the German based automaker, the assembly of the M-Class, which is using semi-knocked-down (SKD) complete bodywork and vehicle components, will start in November and because the vehicle will be assembled from SKD kits, the production costs will be kept low and this will reflect in the SUVs’ competitive price.

“We expect high growth rates in markets like India and therefore extend our local production. Thus, we open up new potential as part of our global strategy”, said the Daimler AG member of the board, Wolfgang Bernhard.

Mercedes-Benz didn’t say how much the investment will be in order for the company to assemble the M-Class and the GL-Class in India but one thing is for sure, the automaker is already assembling models like the C-Class, the E-Class and the S-Class in the Asian country. Other countries in which Mercedes-Benz is assembling its vehicles are Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.