The new Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept has been officially unveiled ahead of its public debut which will take place at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

The newest creation to be signed by the 3-pointed star is called the Vision Tokyo Concept and this is placed into the spotlights for the second time, right after it was teased just a few days ago. The model in question is addressed to those who were born since 1995 and it’s bringing a huge set of wheels, 26-inch in size, along with the blue illuminated side skirts, a 360-degree camera on the roof working together with a lot of sensors to operate the autonomous mode and so on.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept isn’t bringing a conventional windscreen but a continuous stretch of glass paneling and the large front grille can display a lot of lighting functions, including the sound pattern of music played inside the cabin. The vehicle stands at 4,803 mm long, 2,100 mm wide and 1,600 mm tall. The interior has a lot of LCDs and 3D holograms for the entertainment system and, despite its autonomous driving system, manual control is still possible in it. The same hardware as the F 015 Luxury in Motion is being used and this means CFRP hydrogen tanks, high-voltage battery which can be recharged wirelessly and a total range of 980 km (609 miles) coming from the energy in the battery along with 790 km (491 miles) from the fuel cell.


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