The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz is coming one step closer to its customers by launching the Winter Driving Course in the United Kingdom within the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, offering some interesting tips on how to handle our vehicles in the winter.

“The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy has launched a user-friendly course designed to prepare drivers of all capabilities for winter conditions. This is part of an initiative to increase road safety by equipping drivers with the skills that are needed in order to consider and react to the dangers on the road. Such preparations could also save money on repair bills and insurance premiums should anything happen that could have be avoided”, as the German based automaker says in the official press release.

Mercedes-Benz says that attendees to the Winter Driving Course will learn pulling away and cornering on icy roads, hypothetical risks of incoming traffic, what to consider before starting the journey and spotting and managing risk in snowy and icy conditions. The car manufacturer hasn’t provided a price for its Winter Driving Course offered by the Driving Academy but the idea isn’t a new one, with the big boys at Ferrari and Porsche already launching the equivalent “lessons”.

As a reminder, the Ferrari FF Winter Driving Course will start early next year in Aspen, Colorado, with attendees being able to drive the four-wheel drive supercar in winter conditions under the guidance of professional racing drivers. Porsche is also offering its equivalent Winter Driving Course.


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