We’re not sure if the remote farms in Brazil have the famous purple cow, but Mercedes’ Robustness Package for the Atego is there to assist the truck in reaching them.

Fresh milk coming from cows grazing across the rural landscape of Brzil – or any other country for the matter – is looking amazingly healthy and picturesque, but then thinking for a moment you realize all that milk needs to be moved around from the pastures. Mercedes-Benz and its partner company Vía Lácteos – at least for Brazil – have a solution. Mercedes’ Custom Tailored Trucks unit enlisted the help of Vía Lácteos to come up with the Robustness Package for the Atego truck, enabling to function just as good on-road and in rough terrain. The additional parts consist of a three-part front bumper to get better ground clearance, a protective grille for each headlight and new direction lights.

Mercedes’ bespoke dairy Atego is for Brazil's Milka 1

Vía Lácteos is also first to order this package on its trucks and Mercedes even saw interest from mining companies. Mercedes of course is no stranger to extreme, capable off-road machines commercial products – just look at the Unimog family that can literally be equipped for any job. Mercedes will even go green with its commercial range – the Urban eTruck Concept from 2016 is being turned into a series product and the Vision Van Concept imagines the electric future of the next generation Vito hauler.


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