Mercedes C63 Coupe AMG Black Series officially revealed image

Mercedes-Benz has officially presented the details on its most powerful C-Class, the C63 AMG Coupe Black Series.

If you are a fan of the SL Black Edition from Prior Design but you think that almost 200.000 euros is too much, now you can get at half that price the new C63 AMG Coupe, same Black Series.

Being focused on an aerodynamic exterior design which makes small kids run inside whenever they see it on the road, the new C63 AMG Black Edition is powered by, what else, than a 6.3 liter naturally aspired V8, connected to the seven-speed AMG Speedshift transmission, that uses a wet dual-clutch instead of the usual fluid coupling.

According to the manufacturer, the transmission has four different control settings and it can change gears in 100 milliseconds in Sport Plus and Manual modes.

A limited slip differential which is allied with the three stages of ESP (electronic stability control) was also added to the Black Edition, in order to boost the car’s traction and improve its handling.

But when a car is fast enough to go back in time it also needs good brakes, just in case the driver forgot his water running back home. The front disks are bigger than the standard version, 390 mm, and are stopped by six-piston calipers. In the rear the brake disks have 360 mm and the caliper “only” has four pistons.

Future fathers can now go and sign up for the new C63 AMG Black Series because the rear bench can be ordered as an option.

The 100.000 pounds car, which is also fitted with carbon-fiber parts, will be available for customers early next year.


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