Mercedes CLC Coupe is coming image

  • More economical and more powerful
  • All-wheel drive as an option
  • Dual-clutch gearbox instead of automatic
  • Fuel cell and electric drive design

For 2013, Mercedes is planning a four-door CLC based on the upcoming A or B Class. This one will be a front wheel drive car, but all-wheel drive will be possible as an option. Price – about 25,000 eur.

Moreover, a potent AMG variant and a sporty station wagon is on the papers.
Power will come from turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines, with transmission options being a series of traditional manuals or a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual. If new AMG head Ola Källenius and his team gets their hands on the A-class coupe or the CLC, power ratings approaching 300-hp are entirely possible.

When will be launched in 2013, the new coupe will enter in direct competion with cars like the new Audi A3, BMW Series1 GT – both with front-wheel drive.