Mercedes CLC out of production after only two years of production image

The Mercedes CLC went on sale back in May 2008 at the Mercedes plant in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.
Unfortunately, sales for the sportscar were worst than expected so after only two years of production Mercedes has decided that the sun will set on the Mercedes CLC’s day.

The CLC is currently being manufactured in the Juiz de Fora plant in Brazil. But the place is going to be reorganized and restructured to focus production of Mercedes-Benz’s popular heavy-duty commercial truck, the Actros. And here’s the clincher—there’s no word yet whether production of the CLC will be moved elsewhere—so that about wraps up any suspicion that it will be sacked.
It is also reported that within two years, we might a well see an all-new version of the CLC when the next-generation C-Class arrives but that again is too unlikely to reach the US dealerships.