Mercedes coming with the new CLS at the LA Auto Show image

The stylish CLS has been acting the four-door coupe part for the E Class series since way back in 2005 and now, more than a decade, we’re eagerly awaiting for the automaker to deliver the latest version in time for the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Set to arrive in front of the worldwide audience of the LA event later this month, the CLS is making its way online courtesy of a new Mercedes teaser – focusing on the front and some of the interior. A shadowy front end picture reveals the model will remain just about the same as the outgoing one, albeit with evolutionary updates for the “diamond grille”, all-new headlights and general appearance that comes in line with the current Mercedes corporate styling cues. Apparently most of the components will be shared with the new E Class, and it seems the CLS will also become available in a five-seat configuration for the first time, as requested by consumers.

A second teaser image also comes to depict part of the interior – which is styled sporty with red accents. The cabin naturally comes with the trademark ultra-wide panel that combines the infotainment and instrument displays – and there’s also crimson ambient lighting for the pampered appearance, while the sporty cues are further derived from the carbon fiber strip around the HVAC vents. The photo also goes to show the CLS will also gain the new Energizing Comfort system – a system that bundles together various comfort settings, including ambient lighting, climate control and the seats’ heating, ventilation, and massage function.

Mercedes coming with the new CLS at the LA Auto Show 1