Mercedes delivers the British Queen’s Christmas tree image

Mercedes CharterWay was tasked to deliver the large and beautiful tree to Queen Elizabeth – but more interestingly did you know it was sent from her “home” in Germany?

The British Royal family has received a huge tree for Christmas by the hometown of Coburg, Germany, delivered with the help of Mercedes. In case you didn’t catch that – or didn’t know about the British Royal family history – Queen Elizabeth II is actually of German heritage. Of course she wasn’t born there but her family was originally from Germany – because of World War I in 1914 the family name was changed from the Germanic Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the much more British-inspired Windsor. And the connection goes on – the tree will be displayed at the Windsor Castle – it has already been delivered and is now awaiting an unveiling ceremony.


The Christmas tree was brought there with the help of a 449 horsepower (330 kilowatt) Mercedes Actros 1845 LS BigSpace L semi-truck owned by the Daimler in-house CharterWay rental agency. The 39-foot (12 meters) tree was taken down from the Callenberg Forest in central Germany, which is managed by the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family. And there were also 2,000 handmade glass baubles on the lorry as well. “It is a great honor for CharterWay to be permitted to transport this precious load. Coburg approached us due to our many years of contact with the Callenberg Forest. We have ourselves been selecting beautiful trees from there for years for the showrooms of our company-owned sales and service outlets,” commented Mercedes spokesman Christian Scleicher. We do have one beef – when is the deforestation process going to end? And how come important pillars of the community – such as the British Royal family – indulge in such acts when governments discuss global warming issues?