Mercedes design chief says the brand is winning young buyers image

Mercedes-Benz, which for many years led the sales of premium cars around the world and only in recent years went to the third spot is reinventing itself to appeal to an ever more younger audience.

The three-corner star has long been the badge of those that were thoroughly accomplished in life and… of a certain age. Today, in the fast moving global economics that is not necessarily the established norm, as many accomplished businessmen barely seem out of College.

So, the brand that was seen as classic and impossible to change has been going through a revolution of its own, going now exactly after those younger buyers. Current design boss Gorden Wagener succeeded Peter Pfeiffer in 2008, and the 45-year-old German is among the masterminds of the deep change.

“For every new car, you see another piece of the puzzle coming together. These are the fruits from what we established after I took over. I created a whole new design philosophy, which affects the entire brand. It’s not only about design; it also defines what the brand should stand for in the future. We set some guidelines that define our philosophy, Sensual Purity, which is equivalent to modern luxury,” says Wagener.

He penned the design language for the latest products, like the CLA, GLA, new C, S and S-class coupe. Today, with these entirely new models – Mercedes-Benz is attracting buyers from other brands, not just relying on the usual upgrade cycle of aficionados. For example, one of the latest example of sales success is the CLA compact four door coupe, which In Europe attracts more than half of its buyers from rivals, while the percentage goes to 80 in the United States. More so, the average age for the CLA customer is 43 compared to 50 or more for the rest of the brand’s models.

Via Automotive News Europe