Mercedes and AMG have released the first images and details with the Carbon and Silver Chrome exterior packages, aimed towards the brand new AMG GT sports car.

After introducing the Night Package for 925 EUR, just earlier this week, the Mercedes-AMG GT is now getting two more packages, the Carbon Package, priced from 4,700 euros, and the Silver Chrome Package, costing 1,130 euros. The Silver is bringing the decorative strip in the diffuser, the fender fins, silver chrome front splitter, chrome diamond grille, glossy black intake, aluminum silver roof line and several other tweaks to help the model stand out from a crowd.

On the other hand, the more expensive Carbon Package is adding the carbon front fender fins, side mirror housings, front splitter and rear diffuser. Besides these, this is also adding the glossy black hood grilles, air intake grille, diamond grille and the grilles behind the front fenders. A good thing worth mentioning is that choosing one of the packages, the night, the silver or the carbon, means that the other two are instantly becoming unavailable for your ride, so make sure which one is best for you. All three can be ordered for both the AMG GT and the AMG GT S.


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