After two years of stagnation, in 2010 Mercedes-Benz sold more models in the luxury class than the competitors Audi and BMW. According to the reports, Mercedes E Class sales was 241.000 units, about 70,000 more than in 2009 and significantly more than the previous market leader, Audi.

Mercedes will be permanently displayed at the top segment…
According to the IHS, Audi sold in 2010 a total number of 206.000 A6 units. The other premium competitor, BMW sold a total number of 195.000 5 series, about 30.000 units more that the year before.

The IHS analysts expect that Mercedes will be the top seller in this segment for the next two. However Audi will catch up with the new A6, but this only somewhere in 2013. The Mercedes is forecasted to increase by 2012 its sales to 254,000 E-Classes while Audi should come to 252,000 A6’s. BMW will clearly remain number. The Bavarian automaker is expected to sale 240.000 5er units.



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