Mercedes E-class Superlight image

To give the Audi E-tron and the BMW i, Mercedes brought up the E Superlight. A revolutionary carbon fiber sedan.

Considering size it resembles the Mercedes CLS, although the price brigs it way up to the S-Class. It borrows design ideas from the F800 concept car and the F125 concept car.

It may not be as dramatic or as a big show stopper as a supercar but remember Mercedes core values and most sales are credited to executive saloons.

The E Superlight boasts a 150 hp fuel cell which drives the rear wheels accompanied by a 50bhp electric motor. Mercedes may add conventional diesel or petrol engines and even a plug-in hybrid.

The body is a staggering 350 kg lighter than the current E Class which uses steel to build its body.

Low volume production is to be seen in late 2015. Until then experience of manufacturing body panels and structural parts from carbon fiber might bring the costs down.

But by 2017, they expect an annual production of up to 20,000 E Superlights units. The big question comes not from the daring design but by the fuel cell viability, they say best case scenario is of 100,000 Mercedes Benzs passenger cars and commercial vehicle for the that timeframe.