Mercedes will invest in plant expansion in Affalterbach, Germany, building a new logistics center and employees’ parking garage.

The construction will begin in the autumn of 2013. The automaker also plans to increase the number of model from the current 22 to 30 and reach sales levels of 30,000 vehicles from 20,000. The logistics center will be build according to the sustainability requirements of the EU “Green Building” program. The new buildings will cover an area of 6,400 square meters, next to the main plant.

“In doing so, we are setting our sights not only on growth but also on the sustainability of our location,” said Mercedes-AMG GmbH CEO, Ola Källenius.

Besides the logistics hall, Mercedes will also build a parking garage with eight partial levels and 425 parking spaces only for employees. The floor space under the parking garage will serve as a tire warehouse, a sustainable idea for optimal space use. Other energy-saving measure is the extensive roof landscaping, which gathers rainwater which will be used.

“The new logistics center will make a significant contribution to environmental protection and the further development of environmental management at the location,” said Ola Källenius.


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