Mercedes Expects Growth in July and Second Half of the Year image

Mercedes-Benz Cars predicts good results for July and the second half of the year.

Mercedes-Benz Cars sales chief said that the increase in July and the second half of the year will help the automaker surpass 1.4 million vehicles for the entire year.

“Signs are good that we will clearly grow in July, ” Mercedes sales chief Joachim Schmidt told reporters.

Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz created a new sales-support unit for China and will increase the number of its dealerships part of its strategy to catch up with rivals. Mercedes will also open 75 new dealerships by the end of this year, targeting 36 cities the automaker has not reached yet.

“We have taken numerous measures for our Chinese business in the past six months, and we’re keeping our foot on the gas,” Hubertus Troska, who runs Daimler’s China operations, said in the statement.

Currently, Daimler and the EU are in a disagreement over the German automaker’s use of illegal air conditioning coolant. The EU says that all Mercedes cars that do not comply with the EU law should be banned from sales in the region, a decision taken after France refused to register new Mercedes vehicles which still use the banned air conditioning coolant.