Mercedes Extends Lead Over BMW in April US Luxury Sales image

Mercedes-Benz managed to extend its lead over BMW in US luxury sales, due to an increase in demand for the more expensive models.

In April Mercedes, Audi and BMW ‘s higher-end luxury models saw an increase in demand, a clear sign that the wealthier buyers are more confident with the economic recovery. Sales of the BMW 7 Series, which starts at $73,600, saw an increase of 69%, the Audi A8 which starts at $72,200 rose 30% and the Mercedes SL-Class, which starts at $105,000, more than tripled sales reaching 938 units last month.

“These are small numbers but still these are really sizable gains for some of the most expensive vehicles in the market today, excluding the exotics,” Alec Gutierrez, an auto analyst for Kelley Blue Book in Irvine, California, said in a telephone interview.

Mercedes’ sales increased 5.8% to 23,635 units last month, while BMW’s were up 10% to 23,225 units. This means that Mercedes widened its lead over BMW with 4,695 vehicles. During the first quarter Mercedes sales increased 11% to 92,822 units and BMW was up 6.7% to 88,127 units. Audi’s sales in the US increased 14% to 13,157 units in April, accounting for the 28th straight month of record sales for the automaker, while sales during the first quarter were up 15% to 47,343 units.

Source: Bloomberg