Mercedes fights hackers through cloud computing image

Just as the world’s automotive industry is preparing the next leap forward, numerous experts have issued warnings towards the increasingly network-dependant cars, claiming malevolent hackers could soon take command of our rides.

The legislators are setting up the field for the advent of autonomous and connected cars – which use software to communicate to each other and the surroundings – but many fear the increase in dependence would prompt a new form of car jacking.

To protect the precious data it has about its cars and soon, its drivers, Mercedes-Benz has opted for cloud computing, with the automaker stating that among the many strives of its experts is to also allow users to have a measure of control. That means, according to Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, head of legal affairs at Mercedes parent Daimler that a part of the technology ensures the owners can control how much data is “leaked” to the outside world while driving.

“If we say we’re making safe cars, that doesn’t just apply to the mechanical technology but to data security,” Hohmann-Dennhardt said during an event focused on connected driving and data protection.

Ralf Lamberti, who runs Daimler’s user interaction and connected cars division added that computer-specialist contractors – which are essentially “positive” hackers – made attempts to break into an S-Class computer system over a period of three months without success.

Via Automotive News Europe