Probably you don’t lack the will but the money to have a fleet of Mercedes-AMG G63 Gelandwagen SUVS in your garage – but the problem could be solved in a creative way.

This is because the company has the new Crazy Colors models that allow you to have a miniature garage arranged in a rainbow anywhere you’d like. This is because we’re dealing with 1:18-scale models – which can’t be driven of course. But no one says you can’t play with them and imagine off-road scenarios at the office or at home playing with the kids – or acting like one. As the name mentioned, the Crazy Colors G63 models have no less than five eye-watering shades: AMG solarbeam, sunsetbeam, aliengreen, tomatored, and galacticbeam. The models also get components such as the mirrors, bumpers, roof, and wheel arch extensions in obsidian black for that contrast touch that tones down the very bright tones.

Bunte Pack: Limitierte Modellauto-Serie Mercedes-AMG G 63 „Crazy Colours“

The scale models have been built by a company called GT Spirit, which has worked hard to keep them accurate – for example the distance between the honeycomb stitching on the seats has been shrunk down to the correct scale. And these for sure aren’t kids toys (at least not little kids’) because they have about 100 parts. The fans will need to hurry up because Mercedes has decided the production run should encompass just 463 units from each color. This quirky number is actually a tribute to the G-Class as well, because it references the carmaker’s W463 internal codename.


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