Mercedes Hopes to Reach Sales Record With New Models image

Steve Cannon, Mercedes-Benz USA CEO, expects new models to bring a growth of about 10% this year, surpassing the 2007 record of 253,277 vehicles.

In 2011 Mercedes sold 245,192 units in the U.S., becoming number 2 brand after BMW. Cannon believes that the new products are the key to increased sales this year, including the recently unveiled second-generation GL SUV. The company relies on the C class, the C coupe and the M class, as the auto market in the States begins to go upward.

Last month, in Los Angeles, Mercedes presented the Concept Style Coupe, which will hit the market as a four-door sporty coupe, ideal for the marketplace.

“If you had one car out of the five-car platform of this next generation that you want to lead, it’s that car. We love the A class, but the hatchback market is still developing in the U.S. and there isn’t a whole lot of volume,” said Cannon.

Cannon added that the GL SUV is the best car on this segment and the leader of the market in 2011. The company even asks the factory to produce more cars of the old model. Currently the company focuses more on offering its models more power, safety, equipment and fuel efficiency.