Mercedes IS the Brand of Choice for the Latest ‘Die Hard’ Movie image

Mercedes Benz will be the brand of choice for the last movie of the Die Hard franchise, “A Good Day to Die Hard.”

Although some people do not agree all the star vehicles in the movie to be from the same automaker, there are more who believe that the C-Class, M-Class, G-Class and the Unimog fit perfectly into the car chases, fight, explosions and gun scenes. Mercedes offered 14 different models to appear in the movie, but the absolute star here remains the Unimog, especially with Bruce Willis driving it, while the classiest car is the G-Class.

“We are very pleased that we were able to support the new film in the exciting “Die Hard” series with a large number of our vehicles. From the C-Class to the Zetros, the Mercedes-Benz model fleet could not be better suited to this action film with its spectacular stunts in the streets of Moscow,” said Anders Sundt Jensen, Head of Brand Communication Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The movie, featuring Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney and Sebastian Koch, will be in cinemas worldwide beginning with February 14th. The film is based on the idea of the battle for survival to save the world, and the four indestructible Mercedes vehicles play an important part in this battle.