Mercedes kicks off the reservation process for the first EQ model image

The German automaker is opening the reservation process in Europe for its first production series electric model coming under the EQ sub-brand, even though we’ve actually only seen prototypes and concepts of the lineup so far.

There’s a tradition brewing – if electric models in America first become available in California, in Europe the first country to get the pre-order perks is usually Norway. This is the case with the Mercedes-Benz EQ, the first model to arrive in showrooms being the compact SUV that was previewed by the initial EQ concept – a GLC-sized, all-electric crossover. Because the series production model hasn’t even been revealed, those willing to pay the upfront cost of 20,019 NOK/~$2,500 USD a reservation know the process includes a fully refundable clause. Even with that in mind, it seems customers in Norway love the idea of a Mercedes electric SUV, with interest big enough to force the company to cap reservations at one unit per person.

According to the local press, so far reservations have already surpassed the 2,000-unit mark, with first deliveries scheduled even longer than Tesla’s usual one year to 18 months period, because Mercedes has promised the EQ for sometime in 2019. When it arrives, it should feature the powertrain from the concept, with 70 kWh battery that should provide a range of 500 km (310 miles) in the arguably optimistic NEDC system, with 350 km of real world autonomy.

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Mercedes kicks off the reservation process for the first EQ model 0