Mercedes Lost Second Valuable AMG Engineer image

Mercedes’ AMG performance arm loses a second top-ranked engineer for rival BMW.

The UK magazine Autocar reports that Arnd Meyer, AMG’s key chassis engineer, quit Mercedes-Benz to join rival BMW, more specifically, its M division. The report says that Meyer will be responsible for the development of powertrains, chassis, electrics and electronics. Meyer’s resignation comes less than three weeks after Friedrich “Fritz” Eichler, AMG’s former head of engines and powertrains, left Mercedes to work for another German rival, Volkswagen.

BMW hasn’t confirmed yet the date when Meyer will start his new job, due to a non-compete clause that could keep the engineer aside for a while. According to the non-compete agreement, the employee and the employer must sign a contract, where the employee agrees not to enter into competition with his former employer after he terminates employment.

Arnd Meyer is the one responsible for the chassis engineering of all new AMG models, such as the new SLS AMG Black Series and the SLS Electric Drive, which hasn’t yet hit the market, while Friedrich Eichler is credited for developing the latest line of high performance gasoline engines and the upcoming turbocharged four-cylinder engine which will be featured in the four-wheel-drive A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG.