Mercedes makes a departure from usual rugged stance with new GLC image

The new GLC SUV – formerly known as the GLK – has not been brought as a new generation just to warrant the name change, but is also putting the brand’s crossover styling in a new direction – a curvy, stylish one.

With global sales of crossovers and sport utility vehicles at unforeseen high levels, automakers are abandoning one by one the usual motto – SUVs need to look capable of jumping across a stream or climb rocks. The new Mercedes-Benz GLC is a prime example of that trend, with the new generation of the compact SUV – shown on Wednesday for the first time – coming with almost no edges. It also serves as a major departure from the boxy, rugged, GLK that appeared back in 2008 and was a smaller brethren to the G Class classic offroader. Mercedes is mulling to lift its deliveries by offering an unprecedented lineup of crossovers and SUVs – as the segment is growing and highly profitable. The more stylish approach is also designed to tackle the competition, such as the Audi Q5, the best-selling premium compact SUV. It’s also one of four ccrossover/SUVs to be taken to showrooms this year by Daimler’s Mercedes, including the new GLE Coupe which is directly targeting BMW’s X6.

“We expect the GLC to take on the best in its segment,” commented chief executive officer Dieter Zetsche during the model’s official introduction in Metzingen, Germany. The automaker believes the new generation, which would also have a plug-in hybrid version, to see higher sales than its outgoing model – with the design aiming to bring first time clients.

Via Bloomberg