Mercedes may drop the anchor on new business sector image

The German automaker is apparently testing the waters… with a new yacht concept. We’ve seen some of their ideas for the marine world as AMG has on various occasions collaborated with boat producers for automotive inspired yachts.

But now we have the Mercedes-Benz Arrow 460 Grandturismo – a model that will never hit the Autobahn on its own. It is referred to as the “Silver Arrow of the Seas” and is the product of Mercedes-Benz Style, which is actually the design consulting division of the German automaker. What we have here is a 46-foot, 960-horsepower yacht that can take on board up to ten people. The model is of course not built by Mercedes-Benz, instead the Germans have partnered with Silver Arrows Marine, a well known luxury British company. Mercedes was keen to point out the vessel’s materials – for example eucalyptus wood is used inside and the automaker also used its Magic Sky technology, which is able to tint the glass to a dark hue at the press of a button.

Of course, being a concept means the rrow460-Granturismo is choke full of luxurious amenities: separate bathroom, air conditioning and even features a wine cellar! What we don’t see here are the true links to the automaker’s road heritage so we’re expecting this to remain a prototype. There are also questions with regards to the Arrow460-Granturismo’s future, with all rumors pointing to it being a showcase of Mercedes-Benz Style’s capabilities. The design unit has previously worked on everything from helicopter to condos.