Mercedes: More than 500,000 E-Class models on the road image

Mercedes Benz announced today that the German automaker have delivered more than 500, 000 vehicles of the E-Class family to customers.

Around 376, 000 sedans, 64,000 estates, and more than 110,000 coupes and convertibles have been sold to date. As a result, a total of about 550,000 customers have bought a vehicle of the E-Class family. The sedan was launched in March 2009, followed two months later by the coupe in May and by the estate in November. The
E-Class family has been complete since the introduction of the convertible in March 2010.
Sales have increased by a total of 13 percent since January, to 107,278 units (63,517 sedans and 12,553 estates). Sales of the E-Class convertible are continuing to grow very dynamically, increasing more than fourfold (plus 229 percent) from the previous year. The E-Class convertible and the coupe thus defended their market leadership worldwide.

The E-Class sedan is the market leader in its comparative class in the U.S., which is also the vehicle’s largest market, accounting for around 20 percent of global sales. The second-largest market is China, followed by Germany.

The largest market for the E-Class estate is Germany. The coupe and convertible models are most frequently bought by customers in the U.S., with Germany and the UK being other major markets for these vehicles.

The predecessor of the current E-Class was also successful worldwide, and a total of 1.6 million sedans and estates of the 211 series were delivered to customers in the years after the vehicle was introduced on the market in 2002.