Mercedes Benz has present at LA Auto Show its new internet-based infotainment system called myCOMAND. Using internet connectivity, all data and information is kept fresh and current at all times without the need for software or hardware updates. All functions are concentrated on one attractively designed user interface for easy and intuitive access.

In the areas of both information and entertainment, the entirely internet-based solution affords decisive advantages over traditional systems found in today’s vehicles. Every time the engine starts myCOMAND automatically updates itself via radio and thus continuously brings the software up to date. All individually retrieved data and information are always up to date, too, and available to the occupants simply and easily. Compared with current mobile terminal devices, but also with the firmly installed systems available today, with myCOMAND the internet not only is much faster, but simultaneously also much more user-friendly and thus more safely and reliably integrated. The system offers the driver individually appropriate internet services depending on the situation

The most important new services of myCOMAND are:

  • Off-board navigation. It not only always works with the latest map, but also takes the traffic information available on the internet into account for route selection. Along with the conventional map display it is also possible to show satellite images which enable easier orientation. The search for destinations no longer follows a rigid format; free input is permissible. And destinations can be combined with up-to-the-minute data so that the driver easily can find, for example, the cheapest filling station in vicinity or along a route.
  • Trip Assist.This service automatically accesses the large amount of information available on the internet and presents it to the driver in optimally edited form at the right time. This way the system can offer much up-to-date information and services in the car. The Trip Assist of myCOMAND shows, for example, the weather along the route and informs the user about the hotels and leisure facilities at the destination. Making hotel reservations from the car is no problem for the Trip Assist; reserving a table at a restaurant or theater tickets at short notice likewise is a simple, stress-free process.
  • World Radio.Via internet you can tune in practically every radio station in the world – while traveling in your car you can even get radio stations from the other side of the world. With the World Radio of myCOMAND the driver can search for stations by genre to find the ones that cater to his or her individual music taste. Additionally, you can store your personal music library on the internet, which is then available anytime worldwide in the car.
  • Internet telephony: With myCOMAND the telephone, like all other services, also can utilize the advantages of the internet. Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), myCOMAND enables putting calls through free of charge or sending short messages via internet and simultaneously transmitting voice and data.
  • Of course, a browser additionally allows you to surf the internet in the accustomed way.

myCOMAND is programmed so that it automatically collects from the internet all information necessary for a service – be it hotel descriptions, weather forecasts or the details of available parking spaces – and puts it together to provide the desired service. There is no complicated searching via browser. This greatly speeds up access to data.



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