Mercedes Opens Unique AMG Dealership in Beijing image

Mercedes-Benz will open its first stand-alone store in Beijing, with AMG-branded products, including vehicles, AMG Collection accessories and parts.

The Beijing Sanlitun AMG Performance Center will be situated in a luxury shopping mall with a high traffic flow, in one of Beijing’s most exclusive neighborhoods. The store’s avant-garde architecture will be considered a model for future stand alone AMG Performance Centers. The interior design has been carefully thought and even the smallest detail has been considered. The furniture was exclusively created for AMG Performance Centers, and black granite floors were chosen to contrast with the stark white walls. The staging window, complete with turntable, allows the dealership to highlight a chosen vehicle before the public.

The dealership will offer a full line of AMG vehicles for test drivers and will also be used for new model launches, such as this week’s world premier of the new G 63 AMG SUV. Although one can’t buy a Mercedes-Benz E Class or C Class model there, one can buy anything in the current AMG high-performance portfolio. The idea of an AMG Performance Center is nothing new, 195 AMG such dealerships being opened over the last four years.