Mercedes Overhauls Its Naming Nomenclature image

Mercedes plans a major product expansion, revamping its nomenclature to help distinguish its upcoming models.

Mercedes will keep the well-known C, E and S-Class names for their mainstream sedans and the SL, SLK, and SLS AMG will also keep their current nomenclature. In the following years, coupes and convertibles will begin with the CL prefix. Which means that Mercedes’ entry-level four-door coupe will adopt the CLA name because it is a ‘coupe’ that is based on the A-Class. The next-generation C-Class will also use the CLC name.

The E-Class coupe and convertible should adopt the CLE nomenclature, while the next-generation CL will be called the SLC to make sure that the current CLS will not be renamed. Crossover models are expected to adopt names derived from the G-Class and so the A-Class crossover could become the GLA and the GLK could become the GLC.

Benz will be completely overhauling the familiar “-Class” designations to make them more logical, and so we should expect SUV’s and crossovers to continue using the G prefix, while coupes and convertibles will use the C prefix, and the SL prefix will be reserved for sports cars.