Mercedes Plans Double Digit Increase in India for 2013 image

Mercedes-Benz India plans to reach double digit growth in 2013, after sales fell in 2012.

Eberhard Kern, who was named MD & CEO of Mercedes Benz India in December, is confident that the company will grow this year. In the following four months, Mercedes plans to launch the new A-class petrol and diesel, the B-class diesel and the new SUV GL.

It seems that Mercedes doesn’t take into consideration the predictions made by the Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers, who forecast sales growth will drop 1% this year and 2014 is also due to be a difficult year. Last year Mercedes India sold 7,138 vehicles, a drop of 4% from the 7,430 vehicles sold in 2011.

“We are expecting double digit growth in 2013. We are satisfied with 2012 while 2013 is a transition year.
We have developed offensive four pillars to achieve the growth. We will focus on quality of dealer network, upgrading & launching new products, creating brand experiences and bundling packages,” Kern said.

Kern added that the luxury segment accounts for 1.2% of the total auto sales of 25 lakh, but that in the next eight years it will account for 4%.