Mercedes-Benz said it will boost production to more than 1.49 million luxury cars this year, a new record, citing strong demand for the flagship and its compact vehicles.

Also, Production Director Andreas Renschler announced Daimler intends to invest two billion euros in the next two years to augment the production network. This is because, for example, the carmaker wants to roll out its new mid-range model C-Class rapidly globally.

Following the S-Class’s rollout in late July, Daimler plans to “continue to grow with our attractive offering of models, and will be able to accommodate the demand thanks to our high flexibility,” Andreas Renschler, head of manufacturing at Mercedes, said in a statement.

Also, “For the first time we make a model within six months in four countries: Germany, South Africa, USA and China,” added Renschler.

To ensure the quality of the new C-Class at the three foreign locations, the Daimler plant in Bremen will set the standard – so that Germany remains the centerpiece of the global production network.

But the domestic factories also have to adjust to changes. “Producing in Germany is usually more expensive. We must make up for in quality and efficiency, “said Renschler. So, in the future, Daimler will have to react more flexibly to market fluctuations, he added.

Via Handelsblatt


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