Mercedes plans to cool down hot tires with water shower image

A publication of a patent application from Daimler shows the company is working on a water-cooling system to keep under control tires’ temperature.

Daimler believes tire overheating is a major safety concern, as it may lead to an accelerated degradation of the rubbers that may even cause them to burst. Therefore, it plans to keep the tires cool through a water-cooling system, an invention described by a patent application filed with the UK Intellectual Property Office. The system is designed to collect and store any fluids from the windshield and rear window – which may be rainwater, water from a car wash or melting ice or snow – in a tank and spray it on the tires when they are too hot.

Sensors are constantly monitoring their temperature and the ambient one, air pressure, suspension parameters and the speed of the car, and if figures are above a predetermined threshold then the “showering” comes in. If it detects rain or drizzle that can naturally cool down the tires, the system does not intervene or, if it does, applies less fluid to the tires.

It is also designed to work and to be efficient during the chilly season. In case of cold ambient temperatures, a bypass valve can be closed and the working fluid or water is then passed through a heat exchanger, transferring the heat from the engine coolant to the fluid. The heated up fluid is then sprayed onto the cold tires in order to remove excess snow or ice on the tires.

Via Motor1