Mercedes Plans to Open Museum in Beijing to Boost Sales in China image

Mercedes-Benz will showcase the brand’s heritage at its new museum in Beijing , China, part of the company’s attempt to boost sales in a market where it is outsold by both Audi and BMW.

The Mercedes-Benz museum in Beijing will be the first one built by a foreign luxury automaker in China and is part of the German car maker’s strategy to boost sales in this market. Mercedes has also agreed to purchase a stake in its local partner and named an executive focused on the Chinese market.

“Daimler is looking at new ways to more frequently interact with the customer and get them excited about the Mercedes-Benz brand. A new museum is certainly a way to support that,” said LBBW analyst Frank Biller.

Most of the German automakers, among which BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, have museums in Germany to show off their brands, a move which might boost their appeal to potential customers. Mercedes did not offer any details regarding the size, purpose or the date when the museum will be opened. The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart was opened in May 2006 and since then more than 5 million people have visited it.

“Chinese consumers are extremely brand conscious and value those names that can display a rich tradition and long history,” a spokesman for Daimler said on Monday.

Source: Reuters