Mercedes puts out a Star Wars-inspired CLA 180 model for Japan image

You can turn to the dark side – maybe they have cookies – but only if you’re a customer of the Japanese market, where the Star Wars Edition CLA180 grants you either a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader-inspired vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz decided to offer two different takes on the Star Wars Edition of the CLA180, available exclusively for buyers in the Land of the Rising Sun, who want to show their appreciation of the Dark Side (we’ve always wondered why automakers go for this, instead of the Light Side). The two models come not for the upcoming Star Wars movie set to premiere in December, but for Star Wars Day on May 4 and the exclusive line is limited to 60 units from each design.

Mercedes puts out a Star Wars-inspired CLA 180 model for Japan 0


Fans of the iconic Darth Vader can have the limited edition CLA180 with a Night Black dark shade for the exterior, with 8-inch multi-spoke wheels from AMG with black faces with a polished rim. Mercedes remembers the Skywalker Jedi returned to the Light side and uses red stitching for the black seats and crimson seat belts inside. There are also those who don’t fancy the power and responsibility of being the chief, so the Calcite White CLA180 gets Stormtrooper inspiration. There are also black parts, for us to remember this is still on the “evil” side.