VIDEO: Mercedes Releases Super Bowl Ad Teaser Featuring Kate Upton image

Mercedes released a teaser of its Super Bowl XLVII commercial, featuring the beautiful model Kate Upton.

“What’s hot? The all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA. What’s hotter? Kate Upton washing it in slow motion,” said the description of the ad. Unfortunately, the 90-second promo only shows the attractive model wearing a skimpy black tank top and denim shorts, as she blows soap suggestively and stares at the camera with a come-to-bed look and … that’s it. Meanwhile a group of enamored football players wash a Mercedes Benz CLA.

Well, the teaser seems kind of childish and does not hint to anything promising, but Mercedes assures us that “something powerful is coming” during the Super Bowl day. The teaser was released on YouTube on January 21st and it currently has around 480,000 views, most of the viewers expressing the desire to see Kate washing the car and not a bunch of guys.

“This was fraud! I want Mercedes to pay me compensation for losing one minute of my life watching a video without Kate washing a car,” said user andrback.

“The car is hot, Kate Upton is hot, the advertisement is not. Absolutely no creativity.” SegurameLLC posted, while CRonaldo726 suggested that “maybe if she would’ve washed the car there wouldn’t any missed spots.”

Maybe we will see a little more action on February 3rd, when the commercial will be released during the Super Bowl. It is said that the ad will also feature R’n’B star Usher. The only thing we can do is wait and see the final, hopefully better, version.