Mercedes Reports Record Sales in November image

Sales of Mercedes-Benz increased 5.7% in November to 120,346 vehicles, a record for that month.

“I am particularly pleased about the favorable response to our new vehicles. Above all else the A-Class is trending excellently. The renewed recognition as Germany’s strongest car brand by the ADAC AutoMarxX is a great confirmation that Mercedes-Benz has set the right course for a successful future,” said Mercedes sales chief Joachim Schmidt.

From January to November, Mercedes has sold 1,194,904 vehicles, up 5.1%, also a new record. In the countries of the NAFTA region Mercedes sold 279,675 units, an increase of 11.4%, in the US the automaker sold 245,910 vehicles from January to November, up 12%, and 30,315 units in November, up 13.1%, keeping its place as the premium brand with the most new registrations in 2012. In the UK sales were up 9.9%, in France 37.6%, in China 4.2%, in Japan 23.8% in Russia 26.9% and in South Korea 6.9% from the beginning of 2012.

Since the beginning of this year Mercedes is the premium manufacturer with the biggest number of new registrations in the domestic market and the strongest automaker in Germany. The A-Class saw an increase of 0.6% to 238,393 units from the beginning of the year and 24,365 units, up 0.2% in November.