Mercedes reveals a little bit about the Concept EQ A in latest teaser image

In 2016 we saw during the Paris Motor Show the first-ever pre-production prototype for Mercedes’ new EQ green subbrand, the Generation EQ crossover – and now we’re ready for the introduction of the second, the Concept EQ A.

The second showcar that will officially premiere in front of the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12 is – according to rumors – a small, compact hatchback. According to reports, Mercedes may be directly targeting a competitor for the urban-dwelling BMW i3, set for preview via the EQ A and destined to hit the showrooms around 2020. Following an initial teaser that only depicted the front end, Mercedes has published more pictures, revealing some additional details. So far we have seen the detailed headlights and taillights, both featuring LEDs – while the concept also has the signature grille illuminated in blue mirroring the original EQ concept from last year.

Mercedes reveals a little bit about the Concept EQ A in latest teaser 0

Another link to the Generation EQ is the large three-pointed star logo that is lit in white up front – and we could see the same happen in the back, with the charging port also highlighted in the same vein. All EQ models – the Generation EQ and EQ A included – will be developed as production models on a completely new modular platform specifically developed for electric cars part of Daimler’s €10-billion investment to put on the streets ten electric cars by 2025. The new Mercedes Concept EQ A will be seconded at the Frankfurt Motor Show by the small Vision EQ ForTwo, a fully autonomous electric concept designed for car sharing.