Mercedes Rolls Out Job 1, Updated GL Class SUV image

Thursday, June 29th, Mercedes-Benz celebrated rolling out Job 1, the first vehicle of the updated GL Class SUV.

All 3,500 employees at the Tuscaloosa plant celebrated the unveiling of the new, second generation GL Class SUV. The company hopes that this new model will offer Alabama the chance to grow.

“To see the kind of passion that goes into these vehicles down here in Alabama – it starts with Mercedes Benz passion: the best or nothing, but there is a special flavor to it, a twist to it – there is a bit of Alabama, there is a bit of home grown there that I think has a bit of magic in it,” Steve Cannon, Mercedes-Benz US said.

Mercedes foresees a 50% increase in the Tuscaloosa plant’s workforce in the following years. The 2013 models of the new generation GL-Class, will arrive at dealer showrooms from August or the beginning of September. The prices for the 2013 models have not been revealed, but the 2012 models start at more than $62,000. The company expects the new generation to attract customers with its new technology, new look and safety features.