Mercedes S-Class to Expand image

The fact that Mercedes prepares to launch a new generation S-Class for the 2013 model year is no longer a secret. The company offered the model only as a sedan, but rumors say that there are plans on changing that by offering four models, including, for the first time, a four-seater cabriolet.

The first model to arrive after the base version will be the previously rumored S600 Pullman which will serve as a replacement for the recently discontinued Maybach line-up. There will be a new S-Class coupe to replace the CL and an S-Class cabriolet, which will feature a two-door body, together with a large fabric hood. Other new apparitions to the company’s large car segment are the new SL, on sale in the UK from April 2012, and the face-lifted versions of the SLS coupé and roadster in 2015. In 2013 will be launched the electric-powered E-cell version of the SLS.

“The S-Class is the best luxury car in the world, and we have many surprises in terms of technology for the new model. It will deliver something very different to its rivals – and it will have a much broader range,” declared Dr. Uwe Ernstberger – Mercedes Program Manager for the S-Class.