Mercedes S500e will get increased range, wireless charging next year image

The plug-in hybrid luxury sedan is expecting a host of updates for next year, which should bring along the convenience of wireless charging, as well as a longer range thanks to the increased battery capacity.

Starting 2017 you might find it redundant calling the S500e a plug-in hybrid since you might forego the actual plug-in duty – thanks to the addition of the wireless charging function. The carmaker recently announced this high-tech feature will be available at launch when the model gets a facelift for the 2018 model year. The new Mercedes-Benz S500e wireless charging system is made out of a coil placed at the car’s bottom and a space base plate that can be installed in a garage or a car spot. The car’s instruments will carry instructions for the driver in order to park the car n the right position over the charging plate. The wireless system will then deliver a charge of up to 3.6 kW with an efficiency of 90 percent, with Mercedes telling us they have bene prototyping it on S500e test cars since last year.

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The brand also added the upcoming facelift for the model will include an improved driving range. That’s due to the lithium-ion battery pack bulking up in size from 8.7 to 13.3 kWh, with the European testing all-electric driving range taken from 20 to 31 miles. The model, also available in the US – exclusively in California as the S550e – uses a 3.0-liter biturbo V6 engine and an electric motor, with a combined output of 442 horsepower. Mercedes also announced its plug-in cars will become – from 2018 – compatible with the new Combined Charging System (CCS) that mixes AC and DC currents for up to 150 kW recharges at special fast-charge stations.