Daimler is opening a new shipping hub to send its vehicles to Asia, using the Slovenian port of Koper to transport the cars to its biggest market.

Daimler has set a clear strategy, as it wants Mercedes-Benz to become the leader of the premium market by the end of the decade. Therefore, the German maker needs to extend its global logistics network, to transport and sell more cars to hit its goals. Mercedes announced it has set up a new hub for shipping new vehicles from Europe to Asia. The new location is the Slovenian port of Koper and it started to operate at the end of 2015. “This new Mediterranean hub gives us a southern route with major advantages in terms of flexibility and costs for shipping connections between Europe and Asia,” explained Alexander Koesling, Head of Supply Chain Management Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The Slovenian port is the third important European hub for Daimler’s premium brand for exporting vehicles to overseas markets, after Bremerhaven in Germany – which still handles the largest volume of vehicles -and Zeebrugge in Belgium – which still serves destinations such as Australia, South Africa and Mexico via a western route.

The cars will be shipped to China, Singapore and Brunei via Koper and most of the vehicles transported from the new hub come from the Mercedes-Benz plants in Sindelfingen, Rastatt (Germany) and Kecskemet (Hungary), as well as the smart production facilities in Hambach (France) and Novo Mesto (Slovenia). Daimler says that, depending on the destination, the transferring freight via Koper can significantly reduce transit times by up to one week.


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