Mercedes setting up electric shop in Alabama, for the EQ crossovers image

Daimler has recently announced its Mercedes-Benz passenger car brand is going to set up electric vehicle production in the United States through a major, $1 billion investment into its Alabama production facilities.

According to the strategy, all EQ-branded SUV models will be manufactured at MBUSI (Mercedes-Benz U.S. International), using the Tuscaloosa, Alabama facility. Mercedes also announced that when launched, the EQ models will also bring the latest automated driving features to the market – with the new billion dollars investment mostly focused on the electric initiative, expected to produce an additional workforce of 600 strong. More so, Mercedes is also setting up the grounds for the construction of a new battery plant to directly supply the future generations of Mercedes-Benz vehicles built locally.

“We are excited to celebrate 20 years of production in Tuscaloosa by expanding our operations in the region and by bringing our electric initiative to the United States. With this one billion dollar investment, we are significantly growing our manufacturing footprint here in Alabama,” commented Markus Schäfer, in charge of production and supply. “With production locations for EVs and batteries in Europe, China and, now, the U.S., our global network is ready for the era of electric vehicles.” Mercedes has also reiterated its electrification goal, with a target to have electrified versions throughout the entire portfolio by 2022 – from Smart to the largest SUVs. On the other hand, the first EQ model to go into production is actually the EQC, the compact model coming in 2019 from Bremen, Germany.