Mercedes SL R230 by Piecha Design image

Piecha Design has just introduced a new tuning package for the facelifted Mercedes SL R230 which really makes us sad when we think that this good-looking car will soon “leave” the production line.

The new tuning kit for the SL includes LED lights, three-part front spoiler, and rear spoiler lip with four new tailpipes which are connected to a stainless steel Piecha Quadro sports exhaust system.

Being a tuning package for a roadster, larger wheels come in perfectly, with the 9.5×20 with 255/30R20 for the front and 11×20 with 305/25R20 for the rear. The SL has also been fitted with a Piecha-lowering module which brings the car 30 mm closer to the road on both axles.

Future buyers of the Piecha Design kit will be happy to know that the roof has been “hacked” and now can be opened and closed at speeds up to 60 km/h.

Piecha Design hasn’t announced anything about some engine modifications so we believe that the tuning kit will resume to exterior modifications, but even so, the R230 SL is one of the best looking cars out there. Hopefully the 2013 generation will keep up with this.