Mercedes SL500 sold for $20 image

One of the most popular cars in the late ‘90s on the US market, the Mercedes SL500, was sold for just 20 dollars, by the secondary coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ray Horton, before taking over as defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals.

The club’s cafeteria worker Maurice Matthews found out that Ray Horton was selling his 1999 Mercedes SL500 and he asked how much does he want for the car. The coach replied: “How much do you have in your pockets?” “20 dollars”, the cook said and handed the money over to Horton, who yelled: “Sold for 20 dollars!”

The coach gave him the keys to the car and after a little “you can’t afford the gas in it” joke, he said: “Hey, you always liked this car, you’re a good dude, I know you’ll take care of it”.

Next time when a coach will sell McLaren F1 please contact me. Until then we can end this story with a fact: 64.000 miles had the SL500 along with a Kelly Blue Book value of $17.735.