Mercedes SLC – baby SLS to compete with Porsche’s 911 image

New competition for Porsche 911 may come in short time, as Mercedes Benz is planning a lightweight sports car that will feature 500hp and will be made using actual SLS platform. So it’s clear – Mercedes atack Porsche!

Details are slim, but we know that the upcoming SLC will be powered by a potent bi-turbo six cylinder engine that will produce 350, 400 or 500 hp ( depending on the requested configuration ), it will be smaller than the actual SLS Amg, and most probably will not come with wing doors. The new SLC will be a two-door two-seater, which will be sold both as a coupe and a roadster.

Practically Mercedes will ‘squeeze’ the high priced SLS Amg to bring him to 100.000 euros.

The SLC is still in preliminary development. Not even a launch date is set. However, according to some german media channels SLC has already went passed the approval commission, and is now heading to AMG for the development phase.

If true we may see this little sports car somewhere in 2014.