Mercedes Sprinter can also play on the aftermarket scene image

Well known Mercedes-Benz aftermarket specialist Lorinser knows well that track enthusiasts not only need a powerful and sporty car, but also a matching van to keep all their gear in one place.

And the three-pointed star enthusiast will for sure select a Sprinter as their work van – which is why the tuner is now offering a package to match. The company even offers owners the possibility to directly customize the interior by working with the tuner – adding in anything, from custom floor mats to leather upholstery. Lorinser of course mostly worked on the outside – with a body kit packing new two-tier front end that can be a bit polarizing if you ask our opinion. LED running lights are already a classic tune, and customers can still have the Mercedes-Benz star if they don’t want the Lorinser crest on the grille.

Mercedes Sprinter can also play on the aftermarket scene 2

The Sprinter also comes with fender flares, and the company has added 18-inch, 8-inch wide split-spoke wheels that go for 714 euro each – connected by wider side skirts. The tuner also opted for a new rear bumper making way for the company’s exhaust system, matched by a faux diffuser in the middle. The entire kit will set you back 10,279 euros or 10,719 euros depending on the grille version, and customers can also select individual parts. No word on the performance alterations – so we’re most likely looking at an all show, no go transformation.