Mercedes Sprinter gets anniversary 10 Year Edition for the minibus image

It’s called the “Mercedes-Benz of minibuses” for the right reason – not only because it does sport the three-pointed star logo, and now the company is celebrating a 10-year anniversary special edition.

The company is using the Travel 65 model – which can accommodate up to 18 passengers and even has enough space for a fridge – as the basis of the special version, which is being produced in just 50 examples. Owners can select various seating arrangements for 15 to 18 people, plus the optional tour guide seat. Pay more and the company will hook the minibus with vis-à-vis seating and a fridge to keep beverages and food cool while travelling. This special minibus will benefit from the inclusion of a tenorite grey paint with a brushed aluminum theme for the side profile – or you could go for the diamond white shade and mix it with brushed steel accents on the sides. Depending on the exterior choice, inside you’ll get bespoke seat designs with orange or light blue piping combined with grey or dark blue leather headrests.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Travel 65 10 Year Edition – that’s the entire name – also has a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, reversing camera, bus intercom, start-up assistant, as well as extra wide passenger seats with folding tables. The flagship Travel 65 also has standard air-sprung rear axle along with separate air conditioning for the driver and passengers, along with side ventilation slits, footrests, adjustable steering wheel, auxiliary heating, and service sets with reading spots – and privacy is insured via the curtains.

Mercedes Sprinter gets anniversary 10 Year Edition for the minibus 0