Mercedes still confident about diesel cars in Japan image

The Volkswagen diesel cheating scandal has cast a shadow around the world over the technology, but that has not deterred automakers from promoting their own diesel-equipped models.

Mercedes-Benz, the third largest luxury automaker and the top selling premium brand in Japan will continue to promote its diesel-powered cars in the country even as the negative perception spreads across the fuel technology because of VW’s emissions-cheating crisis. Kintaro Ueno, head of Mercedes-Benz in Japan, recently announced the brand wants to double the quota of diesel-powered cars delivered in Japan to 10 percent this year, with Mercedes ready to promote the diesel features – including power and efficiency amid the “shocking” revelations about Volkswagen’s regulatory cheating. The rigging now raises serious questions about the entire German automotive industry as Daimler and BMW fend off on the fuel technology’s territory all around the world, including in Japan.

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz said last week it would support the introduction of new testing procedures and it has never cheated by using so-called “defeat” devices in its models. The make introduced in Japan on Monday the diesel variants of the top-selling C-Class sedan and wagon with sales scheduled to commence next month. Japanese regulators – just like numerous other national authorities around the world – have started probing whether Volkswagen autos sold in the country were in compliance with the emissions rules and the company was now reverting plans to further introduce diesel-powered models in Japan.

Via Bloomberg