Mercedes Still Leads BMW in the US Through May image

In May Mercedes’ sales increased 9.8% to 24, 713 units, while BMW was up 14% to 25, 230 units.

This means that last month’s results narrow Mercedes’ lead so far this year to 4,178 units as the two German car makers fight for the first place in US luxury sales, a place held by BMW for two years. From January to May Mercedes’ sales increased 11% to 117,535 units, and BMW rose 8.2% to 113,357 units. These results do not include BMW’s Mini brand and Daimler’s Smart and cargo cars as they are not luxury vehicles.

BMW sold 9,307 S Series sedans in May, up 47%, thanks to the new 320i, which has a base price if $32,550 and attracted almost 60% of other brands’ customers, such as Honda and Mazda. Mercedes sold 8,013 C-Class sedan in May, up 21% and the GL-Class SUV was up 41%.

“The market is picking up and the mood is good,” said Ludwig Willisch, BMW’s chief executive officer for North America. “It’s all positive.”

Lexus increased 3.6% in May to 22,229 units, with ES sedan deliveries more than doubled to 5,890 units, and from January to May the brand sold 97,060 units, up 10%.

Source: Bloomberg